The company

JH ALLEN & ASSOCIATES connects resources and passion to advocates working daily in the trenches to make a difference in the underserved and changing lives. We provide dedicated assistance and expertise to donors with the resources but who do not have the time to realistically vet and identify the programs that meet the passion donors seek to support and provide aid to meet and fulfill the needs. 

Having over 15 years in the nonprofit and philanthropic arena, we realized a missing component. Not everyone wants to start a foundation or get involved with the tasks to create a foundation.  Additionally, some donors prefer to remain anonymous in the face of their generous donations and focus on getting the work financed and accomplished. Our services provide that liaison between the resource and the program that meets those passions of helping humanity somehow. We ensure confidentiality as well as integrity and transparency.

ceo & founder

With over 15 years of professional experience in community-based and nonprofit organizations, Jennifer Allen has extensive knowledge management and donor relations experience. Additional expertise includes providing innovative ways to maximize and leverage community impact resources, provide community leadership and build philanthropic relationships.  These relationships are made strategically, with the focus being on impact and mission completion. The impact is varied and can include Education, Youth Mentoring, Health/Well-Being, Arts, Community Development, and Nonprofit Effectiveness. 

Experience also includes building and launching community initiatives and programs within various impact areas, focusing on continuous improvement by gathering, storing, and sharing data and resources for support.